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Posted on 07.11.2013

Hello Dahlings! Everyone was so, super supportive of my first post-delivery appearance. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the love, because I was quite nervous. That being said, while everyone was very positive in their comments to me, they weren't always as positive about themselves and their own body image. I have such a problem with that and want to address a few things.

The whole baby weight loss business came down to four factors for me: Genetics, breastfeeding, exercise and nutrition. Let's discuss.

Genetics are inborn and we're stuck with what we're given so there isn't much here to discuss. (With the exception of what one chooses to do with the genetics she's given. See "Exercise and Nutrition" below.)

Breastfeeding. Not only is it the best for your baby, but it has the added perk of burning 500 calories a day in milk production. Now, I'm no math whiz but with an extra 500 in your kitty, you can eat healthy at meals and have a glass of Burgundy with dinner and a few dark chocolate covered almonds, and STILL come out ahead. I like those odds. (So much so that I'm considering becoming a "wet nurse" after I wean my baby just for the extra calorie bump. Just kidding. Wet nurses don't exist anymore silly! At least not in this country to my knowledge. But I digress...)

Exercise and Nutrition. This is the only way to affect change in our bodies and we all know it. Burn more calories than you eat. Done.

There are so many lifestyle and diet plans out there. You have your choice of what you think will work best for you. For me, nutrition is way harder than exercise. It's much easier to commit to going to the gym than it is to resist eating temptations for the duration. I cut back on carbs, most processed food and sugar and watched my calorie intake. (I kept dairy. For a lot of reasons :-) There are also awesome online resources and support communities for keeping track of your food and exercise, each with lots of other folks in your same boat trying to affect change and achieve goals for their bodies. (However, one does need to be aware when breastfeeding that a healthy loss of 1-2lbs a week is recommended over drastic calorie reduction. (Besides, no one can live happily for a long time if she's starving. And, the hormones made me crazy enough. I didn't need the added blood sugar demon contributing to the madness!).

As for exercise, I started walking about 2 months after delivery. Then, around 3 months I started seeing a trainer for one hour, 3 days a week. If a personal trainer is outside your budget, there are, again, so many online resources that offer training tips. Or if you're able to spare some cash but can't commit enough for multiple sessions, many trainers will meet with you in person and show you exercises for you to use on your own.

So, of course I'm no expert at any of this. I'm just fumbling along, trying not to panic at the thoughts of upcoming photo shoots and videos as I prepare to release new music. I simply wanted to share what works for me. Every body and every situation is different. However, if it helps to read my experience, well great! If it doesn't, do your own thing. What's most important in any aspect of yourself, if you don't like something, you would be well served to try doing something about it. So, get online, or commit with a friend to your goals (amazing what "co-accountability" can do). Just get your butt moving in something you enjoy. And don't eat crap. And mostly, be kind to yourself.

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